ArtCAM Pro Tutorials:


ArtCAM Pro Educational is the latest release of a simple to use but powerful 3D CAD package derived from professional software, originally developed for the jewellery and signmaking industries. The software allows pupils to convert 2D images into complex three dimensional models with absolute ease. Designs can be created using vector and bitmap tools within the package or imported from other CAD software such as Design Tools or Corel Draw.
The software also incorporates a number of simple to follow 'wizards', which allow pupils to access powerful form generating and sculpting tools. The completed CAD models can be exported in STL format, which makes them simple to process for manufacture using a wide range of CNC machinery or rapid prototyping technologies.

external image pdf.png Fragrant_freebie_1.pdf
external image pdf.png Using_Vectors.pdf
external image pdf.png Fragrant_freebie_2.pdf
external image pdf.png Spin_wizard.pdf
external image pdf.png Working_with_Reliefs.pdf
external image pdf.png Model_from_image.pdf
external image pdf.png Soap-mould_design.pdf
external image pdf.png Extrude_wizard.pdf
external image pdf.png 2_Rail_Sweep_wizard.pdf