Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)

Today most design software can be linked, by means of post-processing software to the means of production. Information produced within the CAD system is transferred, in some cases automatically, to the workshop to control manufacturing plant. This is generally known as Computer Aided Manufacture or CAM.

CNC machinery has been in general use now for two to three decades, capable of manufacturing parts of great complexity in a range of materials, but the level of computer integration in the manufacturing process is rapidly extending beyond this in the contemporary workplace. Developments in manufacturing technology look set to be dominated by two specific computer-related concepts in the future – Rapid Prototyping and Virtual Design and Manufacture.

CAM Strategies

ProENGINEER manufacturing pathways

Boxford 3D GeoCAM

You can download a free (save disabled) trial of the 3D GeoCAM post processing software that we use at SHU from the Boxford website at
(Go to Products > 3D CAM)

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