PTC Creo 2.0 is the newest apps based 3D CAD package. Only released to industrial users in 2011, the package is now available to schools worldwide. The Education package includes Creo Direct, Creo Parametric and Creo Simulate.

Creo Sketch is also freely available for download.

For an overview of PTC Creo 2.0 see

Downloading PTC Creo for academic users

This guide will show you how to download a copy of PTC Creo for academic use

This guide will show you how to configure the standard install to suit your personal requirements (units, colour schemes etc')

PTC Teachers Guide for UK Secondary Schools / PTC Creo Accreditation Process

This document provides an overview of the current PTC software and curriculum support strategy for UK schools. It includes an overview of the two pathways to accreditation in Creo currently available to teachers in the UK. Successful completion of this process will enable teachers to obtain a Creo site license for use in their school.

Tutorial Support

There are plenty of resources to support individualised learning in PTC Creo. For example, we have developed a number of introductory tutorials to support accreditation training at Sheffield Hallam University covering some of the basic 3D modelling competencies in PTC Creo.

The video clips can be played in the background when using PTC Creo - and are easy to pause and replay if necessary.
These can be accessed by following the link below......

Creo 2.0 Educational Video Tutorials

PTC Academic Programme for Schools

The following link will take you to a rapidly developing online resource where schools can access all the resources for the PTC Academic Programme

PTC Learning Exchange

As part of the PTC University, PTC have developed the LearningExchange which has frequently updated free tutorials on PTC products.
This new web app provides direct access to free tutorials created by PTC product experts.
The LearningExchange can be accessed by following the link below

Other supporting resources

Downloading / installing Creo 2.0 (November 2013)

Here is a copy of the single user download instructions issued for DTE students studying at Sheffield Hallam University

From DVD (if your trainer has provided you with a DVD)

From web download

Introductory PDF

This PDF is an edited copy of the 'prezi' used to introduce the software

Graphic Display Issues.....?

If you are experiencing glitches in graphic display (ghosting, face selection, flickering etc'), it could be that your graphics card does not match the spec required for the default configuration. This crib sheet explains a simple workaround, which should resolve the issue.

Creo Primer

This PDF primer will introduce you to the modeling, visualisation and design tools in Creo Parametric.

Creo 1.0 Skillsheets

Extrusion with Creo 1.0 Reference page to help you find you way around
Sketching with Creo 1.0 Some reminders
Revolve shapes with Creo 1.0 Reference page to help you find you way around
Rounding shapes with Creo 1.0
Chamfering with Creo 1.0
Making Holes with Creo 1.0
Simple Sweep shapes with Creo 1.0
Warping shapes with Creo 1.0 - a summary page: